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Vibe - Prerelease *Bonus Album - Music To Ascend To
  • Vibe - Prerelease *Bonus Album - Music To Ascend To

    Dive into the Dragon Triiibe experience with our latest album, "Vibe"! When you order, you're not just getting an amazing album; you're unlocking a musical universe. Your purchase comes with an exclusive Bonus Album, "Music To Ascend To" – 8 songs you won't find on streaming platforms. This is the only way to experience these tracks, aside from videos, promotions, or shows.


    We're all about connection, and by getting your albums directly from us, you're supporting the heartbeat of Dragon Triiibe. We cherish every form of support, but this direct link allows us to create something extraordinary with you. Reach out to us – your messages mean the world! Together, we're shaping the future of music, and with your support, the Pharaohs continue to create paths to the Ancient Future!


    Dragon Triiibe

    Halo x Ra 


    P.S. - Unlock a world of Dragon Triiibe wonders when you grab our album! Your purchase will grant you access to the Dragon Triiibe Portal, where you can download and explore exclusive artwork, videos, special promotions, and more! Don't forget to save the link for all your Dragon Triiibe needs and stay "tuned".

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