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A stylistically unique Music Band from day one, the members of Dragon Triiibe have been singing, performing, and playing in sync as if they’d been together their entire musical careers.

Throughout the course of the group’s collaboration, they have won over the hearts of music lovers, and the conscious healers from all walks of life and across multiple genres. They even work in a Genre not known by many called GODHOP. While performing at a variety of venues and making many public appearances, their captivating, high-energy concerts have earned them an ever-growing fan base.

"We Absolutely love creating this Music!!! The concepts that create it, evolves over and over as we follow the flow of the Aether as it lead us to these energy-packed pieces of artistry. Ra my Fractalized brother did an AMAZING job on the production, editing, lyrical content, and vocals! We spend one whole track on each song amplifying our Divine God energy into the songs and those that resonate with Aether Consciously or Subconsciously. Beyond the beat, beyond the words, we have interlaced multiple levels and layers into each project to really pull you into an environment and transmute whatever you need to release and use as a catalyst! In Alchemy we Trust!! "We don't make songs, we make Music"...

-Halo Marques of Dragon Triiibe

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