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Passion of the Kings Album

Passion of the Kings Album

By ordering Passion of the Kings you will receive an email with a link to immediately download the album. It will include 1 Bonus Song "Ancestors" for purchasing directly from us! By purchasing the album direct, we are more supported than on streaming platforms. We appreciate any form in which you can listen to and feel our Vision. But to create grass roots and really connect with our fans, we wanted to create an incentive to get the album directly from us by adding the Bonus song "Ancestors". Please feel free to reach out to us! There is no way we could do this without the Triiibe! Hearing from yall means everything to us! The Pharoahs have returned...We are the Ancient Future of Music.


-Dragon Triiibe

Halo x Ra


P.S. - Unlock a world of Dragon Triiibe wonders when you grab our album! Your purchase will grant you access to the Dragon Triiibe Portal, where you can download and explore exclusive artwork, videos, special promotions, and more! Don't forget to save the link for all your Dragon Triiibe needs and stay "tuned".

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